A look at some of the world’s brightest dark-skinned women

A look at some of the world’s brightest dark-skinned women

By John GavaghanCBC NewsThis is a profile of a dark-skinned woman from the United States who says she’s had a hard time finding employment because she’s dark-complexioned.

She has been working in the fashion industry for nearly 20 years and she says she got a job in the clothing department of a fashion house, but she was told by the company’s manager that they didn’t hire any darker-skinned people.

She says she was a good candidate and it was a long process to get hired, and she was never paid for any of her work.

She said she was eventually told that the company couldn’t find anyone who was darker-complexiated.

“I thought that it was the company that would hire me,” said Ms. Naylor.

“Then when I got there, they had no way of finding anyone who had darker-than-average skin.”

The problem, Ms. Mascolo said, is that the clothing industry doesn’t like to hire people who are darker-skinny.

“There’s a certain mentality that the more you’re darker-colored, the more money you can make,” she said.

“It’s like that attitude that you’re better than anyone else.

You’re the king.

And you’re more valuable than anybody else.”

The woman said the culture at the fashion house in which she worked wasn’t conducive to diversity, and that it’s something she didn’t want to experience at work.

“You can’t hire people like me if you’re not going to hire them as a whole,” she explained.

“The way that they’re thinking and the way that the attitude is is that they can’t take a person who is different than them.

They can’t do that.”

She said it was clear the company was hiring people for jobs in the apparel department, but the job wasn’t being done as a part of a broader diversity initiative.

She said the company also told her she wouldn’t be getting a fair wage, and it didn’t provide any compensation for her time, including a sick leave or holiday time off.

She’s also frustrated that she hasn’t been able to find work in the retail or wholesale fashion industry, and doesn’t know if she’ll be able to if her case is successful.

She has also contacted the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT), and said she wants to be heard in court, so that she can make sure she’s compensated for what she’s lost.

Ms. Maccolo said she plans to fight the discrimination she says is occurring.

“They’re not hiring people that are darker than they should be,” she told CBC News.

“My skin tone, my complexion is different from what people think it is.

And I’m a black woman.

So if they think that they have to do something, they’re going to do it.”CBC News is looking for the next Canadian story to tell.

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