Aussie fashion house Lush is set to open its first store in China

Aussie fashion house Lush is set to open its first store in China

Lush, the international fashion brand known for its glamorous prints, will open its new store in Shanghai, China, where it will serve as a hub for fashion designers and fashion house staff.

The Chinese brand, founded in 2013, is expected to add more than 5,000 jobs and make the city the largest city in the world to sell its wares.

The new store will open in late summer or early fall.

Lush has been trying to expand its reach into China for years.

The brand was founded in London by two fashion-savvy men in 2015 with the mission of providing a platform for local designers to showcase their work, according to Lush founder and CEO Paul Laing.

The brand is based in Australia, which has become a hot spot for designers working in China due to the rising number of international designers working there.

The Shanghai store will feature a full-service department and a boutique store, with Lush also adding an online store to sell some of its products.

It will also have a full online store with the brand’s logo.

In August, Lush launched a website to help local designers and retailers sell their wares in China, which will allow them to easily market their products in China.

It will be the first store to open in China to sell Lush’s products.

 Lush will open a store in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, in 2018.

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