‘Dark-skinned actress’ reveals her dark skin as an ‘exciting new challenge’

‘Dark-skinned actress’ reveals her dark skin as an ‘exciting new challenge’

Actor and actress Shani Davis revealed in an interview with People magazine that she is Asian-American and that her dark complexion is a “exciting” new challenge for her.

“I’ve always had a lot of trouble with people judging me based on my skin color,” Davis, 25, said in the article.

“For me, the more dark skin I have, the less pressure I feel.”

Davis, who is best known for her role on “The Blacklist” and for her work on “Modern Family,” also said that she doesn’t always fit the stereotype of “the blonde, the Asian, the brunette, and the redhead.”

She is not alone in her dark-skinnedness, as many other actors and actresses have found themselves in the spotlight over the years.

Earlier this year, “Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones said she had “black skin” and was “totally different” from other women.

Davis, however, is different from other actors in that she has a more diverse background.

Davis was born in Houston, Texas, and grew up in a predominantly white household.

The “Bewitched” star said that her mother taught her to read and write as a young child, but she didn’t receive an education in the arts until she was in middle school.

“My mom taught me the basics of literature, and it was just like, ‘If you want to be a writer, you need to go to a library,’ ” Davis told People magazine.

“It wasn’t until I was in high school that I really began to really take on the writing of my own story.

I wanted to write my own characters, and I was very fortunate to be able to be taught by a woman in my school.”

In a recent interview with “Saturday Night Live,” Davis said she felt the most comfortable in her skin during her time on the show.

“In the beginning of the show, it was very hard for me to play the character of [Maggie] Munn because I had such a deep-set, dark complexion.

So that was a little bit of a learning experience for me,” she said.

“So, the show is my comfort zone, and when you’re doing something as challenging as ‘Ghostbusters,’ you’re going to have moments where you have to make a decision, like, what do you want me to do?

But I don’t think that was ever the case with the show.”

Davis has a recurring role on the “Ghostbuster” television series, and she is currently filming a second season of the franchise.

Davis’ character, Maggie Munn, has a daughter named Lucy.

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