Four Four Four Two: Wales’ dark complexion has caused a rift

Four Four Four Two: Wales’ dark complexion has caused a rift

FourFourThree Wales’ Dark skin is a problem in the Welsh rugby community, but that hasn’t stopped it from being celebrated by fans across the country.

Here are five reasons why it has been a highlight for fans.


Dark skin colour is a national sport, so it should be treated like any other sport.

In Wales, rugby is a sport that is predominantly white, with some Welshmen even opting to play in the colours of their county.

This has led to a number of controversies and controversies.

For example, Welsh rugby player Matt Criado-Pereira was recently accused of assaulting a man at a game, after the man’s son told the referee that his father had punched the player.

As a result, he was banned from playing for Wales for two years.

Then there is the case of England rugby player Kieran Read, who was charged with assaulting a woman at a hotel in London in 2015.

Read claimed he had acted in self defence after being pushed to the ground by the woman.

The incident was widely criticised, with the footballer being given a two-match ban for the assault.


It is a symbol of Welsh pride.

It is the national colour of Wales and a symbol that is very associated with the region, as well as being the national colours of the English, Welsh and Irish rugby teams.

Welsh rugby is an example of the national team wearing their national colours, with Wales captain Rhys Webb wearing his jersey in white and Wales captain Mike Phillips wearing the jersey in dark blue.


The Welsh are a proud people.

Many people have pointed out the positive impact the dark skin colour has had on Wales, with many people saying that the country is better off for it.

While some of Wales’ darker-skinned players are not the only ones in the country who are proud of their dark complexion and pride in the sport, Wales are a sport with a rich history and tradition, and so many of its players, coaches and supporters have been proud of the colour.


It has given the Welsh a boost in international rugby.

Since Welsh rugby started to take hold in the 1990s, Wales has become the top ranked international team in the world, and has been able to field some of the best players in the region.

One of the most important parts of this is the support of the fans in Wales.


It gives the Welsh players a chance to shine.

Not only is Wales’ team well-known and respected, it also has a very successful academy system that has produced some of its best players, including former England captain Matt Cribb.

So, why do people care so much about Wales’ complexion?

Firstly, because of the dark-skinned colour.

Wales is a country that has a rich and rich history, with players from different ethnicities playing for the country, so many fans have been able see Wales as a country with a long and proud past.

Secondly, the colour has also given the players the opportunity to shine, as the national teams colours are predominantly white.

Thirdly, the color has given a boost to the Welsh game.

In Wales, the international games are played in light blue and yellow, and it has helped to attract players from other countries to Wales, as Wales has a large international base.

Finally, the dark colour has given some fans a chance at making an impact on the national game.

And what about the future?

Wales will play at home in the Six Nations, and the World Cup in 2019.

With the national rugby team, the Welsh team have a strong culture and tradition in the game.

So, it seems logical that a team with dark skin would have a long history in the national side.

Is Wales a dark skinned nation?

Well, it depends on how you define dark skin.

Some people argue that it is the colour of pride that gives a country its identity.

Others argue that Wales’ history of dark skin is more than just pride, as it is linked to the country’s identity. 

For example: Wales’ rugby team wears their colours in white.

The colours of Wales are part of the Welsh national identity.

Wales are proud people and proud of Welsh culture. 

Welsh culture and heritage means that Wales has always had dark skin, which is part of what makes it special.

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