How to Be a Perfect David Dark-Coloured Person

How to Be a Perfect David Dark-Coloured Person

David Dark was the British actor best known for playing Doctor Who’s villainess, Cyberman, and the man who brought the franchise to its knees.

He’s also one of the first people to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Here are his 10 most famous quotes.


“It is important to remember that we are all born with the same human soul.”


“There is only one world.

It is made of light and darkness.

The world is a great place.”


“We must be strong in our convictions and in our love of the human spirit.”


“I’ve got to say that life is very beautiful.”


“You don’t have to do anything to be happy.

You can do it all by yourself.”


“If you think that something is wrong, it’s wrong.”


“Never take a job that you’re not willing to do.”


“When you are depressed, you may as well be dead.

Just be happy.”


“The best thing in the world is to love yourself.”


“My life is my best friend.”


David Dark: ‘It is a very important thing to remember’ David Dark played the role of Cyberman in the television series Doctor Who.

He was diagnosed with the disease in 2002.

His new autobiography, Darker Than Ever, is published by Penguin Random House.

He said he wanted to write a memoir that reflected the depth of his life.

“What’s important to me is to remember I was just 18 years old when I had the diagnosis.

It was a very sad thing, but I was determined to write about that experience, which is why I did that,” he told the Radio Times.

“So that is why the book is really about me.

It’s not about my life.

It does not contain my stories.

It captures my life from the moment that I had my diagnosis until the day I had to leave the hospital.”

2/7 ‘The truth is not what the world tells you.’

David Dark (right) with his father and stepfather, Ian (left) and John, who were diagnosed with dementia at the age of 22 3/7 David Dark poses with his son, Tom, who was diagnosed at the same time in the 1990s Getty Images 4/7 “It’s not a choice between right and wrong, good and bad, good for someone else or not.

It simply is.

And it’s not something that you can choose to do or not do.”

– David Dark on his diagnosis 5/7 Actor and director David Dark Getty Images 6/7 Comedian David Dark speaks during a screening of his new film, The Truth is Not What the World Tells You, at the Sydney International Film Festival in 2018 Getty Images 7/7 In 1997, David Dark won a Best Actor Oscar for playing the lead role in the critically acclaimed thriller, The Man in the High Castle.

He went on to star in numerous films, including The Shawshank Redemption, Gladiator, The Matrix and many others.

1/7 It is important, in a democracy, to remember you are not a statistic.

David Lighty / Getty Images 2/ 7 ‘The fact that you exist does not make you special.’

David Bright / Getty Image 3/ 7 “There are no people that I can count on to be the perfect person.

It doesn’t make them any less bad.

And that’s a very human thing.”

-David Bright on his disease diagnosis Getty Images for Getty Images/David Bright 4/ 7 David Bright is diagnosed with ALS at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2020 Getty Images 5/ 7 Comedian and actor David Bright Getty Images / David Bright 6/ 7 Actor David Bright poses with actor David Lipsky, who died from ALS in 2017 Getty Images, in 2015 Getty Images) 7/ 7 In 1997 David Bright won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Cybermen in Doctor Who, as well as a Bafta and an Oscar nomination for his performance as Cyberman.

He also starred in several films including The Man In The High Castle, Gladiator and many other films.

1 / 7 David Dark with his wife, Laura, and daughter, Sarah (L), at the launch of David Dark’s book, Darkest Darkness: How I Lost Control of My Life in 2019 Getty Images.

2/ Seven years after David Bright’s diagnosis, he still has not found peace with his condition.

David Bright, who suffered from ALS and Alzheimer’s, was diagnosed in 2018 3/ Seven Years After David Bright was diagnosed, he is still living with his illness Getty Images 3/ Ryanair pilot David Bright speaks during the launch in London of David Bright and Ryanair’s ‘No Fly Zone’ air travel service in 2018, as part of the ‘No More No Fly Zone 2018’ campaign Getty Images Getty Images AFP/Getty Images 4 / 7 Actor, director and writer David Bright talks with his daughter, Laura (L) during a Q&

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