How to say ‘yes’ to a man when he’s wearing a dress

How to say ‘yes’ to a man when he’s wearing a dress

Spanish comedian Eliza de la Cruz has made a controversial video showing how to respond when a man wearing a blue dress says yes to you.

She also shows how to dress up as a woman, and how to pretend to be a woman to make your date feel comfortable.

“If you wear blue pants and blue shoes and a blue shirt and a white shirt and you’re wearing a hat with the words ‘I’m not a woman’ on it, you’re definitely not a man,” she says in the video.

“That’s just me, man.”

The video has already racked up over 200,000 views on YouTube, with many commenting on how much better she is looking in a dress.

“I’m a girl, I like dresses.

I like to wear dresses.

When I wear dresses, I’m very much attracted to a guy,” one user said.”

So yes, this is a man, but I am a woman in a blue skirt and blue dress,” another added.”

Do I need to say more?

Yes I do,” Mr de la Fuca replied.

But the video has also attracted a lot of criticism from some women.

“This is why men need to dress as women more often,” one woman wrote.

“How is it acceptable to dress in a woman’s clothes, then to go out with her in a suit and tie and go to a party with a man who’s wearing nothing but a shirt and tie?”

“I don’t think the dress is sexist, it’s just a woman wearing the same clothes, but not dressed up in them,” another said.

But others defended the video, saying the video is “totally acceptable” and the dress should be more widely available.

“She’s not wearing any makeup, she’s just wearing her shirt and skirt and a pink dress,” one person said.

A spokesperson for Eliza said the video was an “overview of the conversation” and did not reflect her own opinions.

“Our video is simply a snapshot of the discussion that took place during that moment,” she said.

“This conversation was about how a woman can wear a dress, how it makes you feel, what it means to be women.

The man did not feel comfortable.”

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