How to use dark skin to your advantage, researchers say

How to use dark skin to your advantage, researchers say

Researchers at the University of Alberta are developing a new skin treatment that can turn dark skin into a healthy and radiant complexion, even in the face of a variety of skin conditions.

“It’s very easy to lose skin tone because you’re in a lot of different states,” said senior study author Dr. Amy Schulze, who is also a senior lecturer in dermatology at the university.

“So if you have dark skin, it’s really hard to maintain a normal complexion.”

Schulzes team has developed a new serum that mimics the natural processes of skin synthesis, turning dark skin skin into bright skin.

This is achieved by using a chemical called dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) to dissolve dark skin cells, and then using the product to moisturize the skin.

“When the skin is hydrated and has a healthy barrier, it absorbs more of the DMSO and produces a lighter, brighter skin tone,” said Schulz.

“In our study, we showed that the serum had very little effect on skin tone after 10 weeks, but it could have significant effects in the future.”

The researchers are now testing the serum on a number of different patients, and hope to make it available for purchase to other dermatologists in the coming months.

The team is also developing a different serum for the eyes, and hopes to create a cream that would replace a prescription eye cream.

“What we have found is that it is actually very easy for skin to be turned dark, because there’s very little of the normal process that goes on in skin,” said study co-author Dr. Julie H. Fagan, an assistant professor of dermatology and dermatology in the University’s School of Medicine.

“Skin cells absorb DMSOs, which is what causes the skin to look dark.”

The scientists have also developed a skin treatment for the eye, using DMSOL to absorb light and dark skin from the cornea and the eyelids, respectively.

“If you’ve ever seen an older person with a dark eye, you know it’s not just that they have a dark shadow or a dark patch on the eye,” said Fagan.

“These are normal, normal, healthy processes.”

In addition to the researchers, the research team includes students from the University and the University Health Network.

Funding for the research was provided by the Canada Research Chairs Program, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canadian Cancer Society.

For more information, please contact Amy Schulz at [email protected] or call 1-888-985-8588 ext. 889.

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