How to use the new color palette

How to use the new color palette

A lot of people are asking for the help of color experts to help them apply their new look.

Here’s how you can learn how to apply your new look in just a few easy steps.

The new palette is designed to help you create a more modern and natural look with lighter tones and a more neutral palette for your skin tone.

You can select a palette that is more neutral or more dark to give you a more natural look, or you can select shades that will help your complexion look more defined and natural.

The first step is to apply the new palette.

It’s a simple application process that’s simple to learn.

Start with a foundation, blush or eyeshadow, then lay down a foundation shade to the right of your face.

If you’re looking for a more intense color, you can use a lighter shade for a fuller glow.

Next, lay down the foundation shade that is closest to your skin.

Next lay down your blush and your eyeshadows, and finally lay down one more shade to your right of the skin to your cheeks and chin.

Next you should apply your blush or your eyes, which will give you that classic dark-cheek look.

Lastly, lay your foundation shade on top of your skin, and lay down some of your eyes and blush.

You’ll be able to blend and blend your face to create a flawless look.

Here’s how to get started.

Apply your new makeup to your face and start applying it.

You’re going to use a single layer of foundation, a foundation blush and a blush blush, and a full-on powder blush to finish.

Apply the blush blush and the powder blush, then apply your eyes.

This is the foundation, and your eye is the color that’s closest to you.

Then lay down more foundation and the blush.

And lastly, apply your eye shadow.

Make sure to use some of the powder foundation to make sure you have a neutral color.

Next, apply the eyeliner and mascara.

Apply with a soft brush, or use a soft, liquid eyeliner brush.

This will give your eyes a little more volume.

Apply mascara on the sides of your eyelids, then you’ll apply the mascara, which is a thick, liquid mascara.

Finish applying your makeup and you’re done!

Your new look is now ready to go.

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