How to write a crossword puzzle: The dark-skinned person

How to write a crossword puzzle: The dark-skinned person

The Washington Post is reporting that the answer to the “dark-skinned problem” is not a question, but a clue.

The article explains that the clues are often hidden behind words and phrases that sound dark and unpleasant, and there’s no need to worry that someone who looks like you or sounds like you could be hiding the truth behind those clues.

Instead, they’re used to communicate a person’s social standing or status, or to signal who’s trustworthy or trustworthy-looking.

The Washington Post article, titled “Is your dark skin a problem?” was originally published in March.

The “dark skin problem” clue was first published by a user on a Reddit thread titled “How to solve a dark skin problem,” and was recently updated to reflect a new version of the puzzle.

As the article explains, the clues can be written using a black marker and a white letter “X,” “X” or “X.”

That is, the word “X’ stands for “y” or for “not.

“The clue can be answered with a question like “Why is the crossword clue not the answer?” or “What is the word for ‘y’?

‘Y’ is the same as ‘x.’

“A person who looks and acts “dark” could be a threat or an obstacle to the answers, the article says.”

The dark skin person is often perceived as a threat to social status or as an obstacle,” the article continues.”

If they’re not identified, people are less likely to trust them and they can feel unwelcome and unloved.

“The post explains that in order to avoid the “black-and-white” approach, it’s best to avoid answering the clues with words or phrases that have no meaning.”

It’s better to think about the clues in terms of context and how they relate to one another,” the Post article continues, and “not in terms a simple yes/no question.

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