Whiten Your Teeth by 8 Shades for Just $60 at Vivid Tan

If your teeth are looking yellow and dull, brighten them up with our cutting-edge tooth whitening service! Whiten your smile to complement your brand new tan the safe and effective way at Vivid Tan, without having to take a trip to your dentist or buy packs of whitening strips at your drug store. 


Our BleachBright product penetrates deep into your tooth enamel to eliminate stains and yellow spots from the inside out. The result is a smile that is up to eight shades whiter in just 20 minutes!


Whiter teeth can be yours for just $60 per session! Contact Vivid Tan for the best teeth whitening service in San Diego!


DISCLAIMER: Those with very yellow or stained teeth may need to book two sessions to see results. However, most of our clients see full benefits after one session.

How to Contact Vivid Tan

Vivid Tan

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San Diego, CA 92108





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