The latest on Darke complexion brand (and the $1.2 billion lawsuit it’s about to bring)

The latest on Darke complexion brand (and the $1.2 billion lawsuit it’s about to bring)

The complexion brand Darke has filed a $1 billion lawsuit against a California company alleging that it stole design ideas from the cosmetics company’s makeup line, including a red lipstick, for its blush line.

The lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday, also alleges that Darke stole the brand’s name from a trademark owned by a California cosmetic company, and that the brand violated its trademark licensing agreement.

Darke said the company had no comment.

The beauty company has filed several similar lawsuits against several other companies, including Ulta, MAC Cosmetics, and L’Oreal.

Darne, which is owned by the beauty brand Dior, launched its blush product in 2014.

It was initially sold in stores for $1, and its price has since gone up to $3.49 per tube.

But Darke said its new blush product was actually better than Ulta’s, and so it sued.

The beauty company alleges that Ulta copied its “Darke” name and logo, and also its trademarks and service marks, which it said include the words “DarKE” and “Darkes.”

The lawsuit alleges that it was launched to make money.

Darke’s lawyer, John O’Brien, said in a statement that Darkes products “are among the most popular in the world.”

O’Brien said Darke was sued by several companies, and it is also suing several others for infringing on its trademarks.

“The lawsuit is not about who should have rights to Darke.

The purpose of this lawsuit is to enforce Darke trademarks and copyrights,” O’Connor said.

The makeup company, which says it has more than 2,500 employees, says it does not want to be a victim of trademark infringement.

In a statement, the company said, “We take our fair share of responsibility for our products and we expect others to do the same.”

The makeup brand Darkes blush is now sold in more than 600 stores.

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