“White men are not immune to bias”

“White men are not immune to bias”

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump as president, white men have taken to social media to denounce his election, calling him “racist” and “sexist” for not speaking to their own concerns about his policies.

This is especially true in light of the many instances in which white men who have not been in the middle of the racialized narrative, but who have been actively involved in it, have faced significant hostility.

White men who are not directly affected by the systemic racism that has been embedded in our nation for centuries, such as white men of color, have experienced the most intense hostility.

They are targeted because they are white.

When these men are targeted by white supremacy, it often results in violent attacks, murder, and destruction.

And when they are attacked by their own community, they are also attacked.

The white supremacy that is embedded in the U.S. has existed in every culture and time.

In the early 1900s, white supremacist William Lloyd Garrison created the white supremacist organization, the Ku Klux Klan.

Garrison’s Klan was born out of a desire to maintain white supremacy.

In 1921, the Klan’s first leader, Grand Wizard William Pierce, led a white supremacist movement in Georgia.

After a white woman in Georgia was lynched, Pierce went to court and was awarded $2,000 to “settle the matter.”

As white supremacy developed, white supremacy in the United States became an increasingly powerful institution in American life.

As historian and author, Dr. Paul Gottfried wrote in his article, “White Supremacy: The American Story” that white supremacy was created to divide, not unite.

“The white supremacy ideology, the white supremacy state, the state-sanctioned violence and murder of white people, was created as a means to ensure the supremacy of white interests,” Gottfried said. “In the U

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